Sourav Ganguly | Leadership that changed Indian Team | Dr Ujjwal Patni

A True Leader:

  • Discover hidden potential
  • Encourage hidden potential
  • Unabashedly Honest
  • Broadens Vision
  • Accepts Failure
  • Believe in Hard Work

How Sourav’s aggression changed Indian Team?

  • More Active
  • More Competitive
  • Winning Attitude
  • More Confident

Mediocre Mantra?

  • Staying in Comfort Zone
  • Not trying New things
  • Not Learning Anything New

Admiring Qualities of A Leader:

  • Understanding
  • Go Better
  • Accommodating
  • Ethical
  • Team Building


  • No Matter how old and deep rooted your habits are, You have to change them to achieve your goal
  • The Battle to win on the pitch and in the boardroom begins and ends in one’s head- Sourav Ganguly 
  • To Own a Futuristic Business you must have to create the 2nd Line of Leadership
  • If you want to transform your business or career then you need to be fearless & Experimental as a leader.

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