Secret Behind OLA electric scooter | Failures of OLA | Ujjwal Patni

  • OLA means hello in Spanish
  • 1 Billion + Rides served every Year
  • 1.5 Million Driver Partners all world

Big Announcement by OLA:

  • Word’s Largest two Wheeler Company
  • 1 Crore two Wheeler per year
  • Most sustainable Company
  • A Company with 500 Acre space & 2 Acre for Forest
  • The First all Woman Factory
  • 10000 Women at world’s biggest EV Plant
  • Will shift China’s 2 Wheeler Manufacturing hub to India
  • World’s Most Modernised Scooter
  • Sensor starting
  • 180 KM Per Charge

Extraordinary Journey of Bhavish Aggarwal

  1. Leap Transition from aggregator to electric scooter manufacturer 

    •  A new Business Opportunity:
      • Deals with common man
      • Related to transport sector
      • Futuristic business
      • Huge Market with class
  2. Strategies & Vision Behind OLA Scooter

    • Subsidy Brings Business
    • Sustainability is the new global mantra
    • A Product of Future
    • Indian love cost saving
    • Wow Effect
  3. Left Big Brand & FAT Package for Entrepreneurship

    • Before OLA, Bhavis worked with Microsoft Research for two years.
    • Started for tech & Startup News
    • Ola Trip was founded in 2010
    • No sale in 6 Months
  4. How a multimillion idea born from a bad experience?

    • Economic Urban transport is a great opportunity
    • If your idea can solve a problem, you have a right business
  5. Failure of OLA & Learnings

    • OLA Trip
    • OLA Store
    • OLA Cafe
  6. Rejected 7500+ Crore for long term goal

    • Say not to short term gains for long term vision
    • Keep on evolving faster than your competitors
    • Act before your competitor
    • Think first, fast, and future


  • Startup owners will respect failure
  • The business owners will take risks
  • Employees will go for Entrepreneurship 
  • Research before you start a new business
  • Before closing or quitting, try every possible opportunity in that business
  • Your startup might become a success if you look around and develop a problem-solving product
  • If you are in startup be prepared for multiple failures
  • Bhavish didn’t let his failed business run for a long period, He Left his failed ventures and moved on
  • If you are not being able to see the future of your product and its market then leave it, Don’t remain in the business just to prove others. Don’t Care about them

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