Satya Nadella | कैसे बचाया Microsoft को | 5 Strategies by Ujjwal Patni for your Business

5 Game changer strategy that can bring you 100X Growth

  1. Strategy 1:-  Build Synergies

      1. Develop new & Surprising Partners.
  2. Strategy 2: No Yes Man & No Yes Women

      1. In a company, any employee can do debate, arguments, dialogue & Improvision.
      2. Company में Input देने का माहौल पैदा करें। 
      3. Company के logic गलत साबित करने वाले को  Punishment नहीं Reward दें।  
  3. Strategy 3: Empathy Brings Extraordinaery Success

      1. ग्राहक से सहानुभूति रखें , क्योकि उसने
        1. भरोसा किया है।
        2. Invest किया है।
        3. Product खरीदा है।
        4. Service ली है।
        5. उम्मीद लगाई है।
      2. Empathy Towards Employee.
  4. Strategy 4: Design the culture of your Company

    1. Sharing Vision with others
    2. Aligning Employees with the Dream.
      1. Coaching to build capacity
      2. Every Entrepreneur must invest in continuous self up-gradation.
    3. Employee coaching is a must to
      1. Stay updated with market
      2. To match the pace
    4. Meeting Analyses ( Growth mindset Vs Fixed Mindset)
  5. Strategy 5: Create YODDHA Team

    1. Every Employee Mindset should be full with
      1. Goal
      2. Vision
      3. Success
    2. Be the Change
      1. I am the Change
      2. I have to change myself to change anything.
      3. If I want others to change then I should play a role in that
      4. I should be responsible for other’s mistakes.

“Don’t wait for the next job to do your best work”

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