How To Sell | Probing Technique | Selling Skills | Dr Vivek Bindra


  1. Asking right Questions
    1. Close Ended Questions
      1. क्या आपको मुझसे मिलकर अच्छा लगा ?
      2. क्या आपको हमारा कोर्स पसंद आया ?
      3. क्या आप अपना बिज़नेस चला पा रहे हैं ?
    2. Open Ended Questions
      1. आपको बिज़नेस में क्या तकलीफें आ रही हैं?
  2. TED Approach
    1. Tell Me- कहिये
    2. Explain Me- बताईये
    3. Describe Me- समझाइये
  3. OPC Model
    1. Open Question
    2. Probing Question
    3. Closing Question
  4. Customer Validation
  5. Chucking
    1. Big Chunk Customer- Ask Explain in details
    2. Small Chunk Customer- Ask explain in short
  6. Sales Probing Questions Examples-
    1. What criteria will you use to decide on closing?
    2. What is your current situation?
    3. Why isn’t your product is working for you?
    4. When did the situation begins?
    5. Have to tried to fix it yourself?
    6. Could you tell me a little bit more about this please?
    7. Is anything more you can tell me about this?
    8. What will be your ideal outcome?
    9. What impact has this had on your business?
    10. Is there a timeframe that you’d like us to work within

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