How To Get Your Dream Job | 10 Tips | Dr Vivek Bindra

  1. If You love Doing, You are good at but Doesn’t pay well -> Happy but Poor.
  2. You are good at, pays well but you hate Doing ->Rich but Board.
  3. If You love doing, Pays well but not good at ->Just a dream.

How you can get Dream Job in Dream Company?

  1. Research about the company
  2. Understand the Job Description
    1. Key Responsibility Area (KRA)?
    2. Key Responsibility Indicator(KRI) ?
    3. Expectations?
  3. Know your Interviews?
    • Visit the profile on LinkedIN
    • Get ready for Common Interview Questions
      • Tell me about yourself?
      • Why should we hire you?
      • What are your Strengths?
      • Tell me about your Leadership Skills?
      • You have no experience why should we hire you?
  4. Give Employer-Centric Answers
    • Difference between Employee & Intrapreneur
    • Type-1 Employee:- Job Approach, Focus on Problem, Family is My Family, Hard Work, Consumer, Push Start, Time-Based.
    • Type-2 Intrapreneur:- Ownership Approach, Focus on Actions, Organization is Also my Family, Smart Work, Contributor, Self Start, Task-Based.
  5. Perform a Self Assessment
    • Help In Positioning | Match With Skills
      • Action Man
      • People Man
      • Idea Man
      • Process Man
    • Major Strengths
  6. Hard Skills & Soft Skills
    1. Hard Skills- Foreign Language, Certificates, Machine Operation, Data Mining, Accounting, Programming, Software Testing Etc.
    2. Soft Skills-  Communication Skills, Team Work, Decision Making, Leadership Skills, Motivation, Listening Skills, People Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Flexibility, Time Management
  7. Ask Intelligent Questions
    • Problem to be Solved?
    • Goal to be Achieved?
    • Process of Performance Evaluation?
  8. Salary Negotiation
    1. Focus on Value Creation, Don’t focus on Salary Negotiation
    2. Don’t request for Unrealistic Salary Hike
  9. Focus on Resume
    • Write Lively and Action-oriented worlds
    • Avoid Long Resume
    • Use Bullet Points
    • Write Experience in Sequence
    • Add Internship detail
    • Cover Letter for Exact Position
    • Understandable in 20 Seconds
    • Don’t write detailed Resume
    • Don’t Exaggerate
    • Mention Important Achievements Clearly
    • Add Reference List
  10. Job Websites

Golden Statements-

  • “He who speaks without an Attentive Ear is Mute”
  • “Knowledge is having the right answer, But Intelligence is having the Right Questions”

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