Best Sales Techniques | Closing Techniques | Selling Skills | Dr Vivek Bindra

  1. Door on the Face Technique
    • The idea is to make a concession that the other party feels obliged
    • Decoy Effect– Second weaker option can sometimes help people to close between two possibilities
    • Choice Management– Maximum-3 
  2. – Scarcity Close Approach- Create Urgency
    1. Act promptly, Decisively without delay
    2. Add Deadline
    3. Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)
    4. Highlight the Negative
    5. Effect of not buying from you
    6. Now or Never Close Approach – Give Extra offer for Limited Time
    7. Take- Away close approach
    8. Hard to get approach
    9. Best time to close approach
  3. Flash Sale
    1. Time-Bound
    2. Limited Quantity
    3. Siginificant Discount
      • e.g. Xiaomi & Flipkart

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