7 Strategies To Grow Your Sales | Super Salesman | Dr Vivek Bindra | Motivational Video Notes


  1. Referral Entry
    1. 100 Leads
      1. NO=95×5 References = New Leads (475)
      2. Yes=5
    2. Create Proximity
    3. Build Trust
    4. Written References
  2. Something in common- Icebreaking
    • Confirmation bias
    • Interest 
    • College
    • School
    • Political party
    • Religion
    • Sport Club
    • Author 
    • Business
    • Dialect
    • Tone
    • Community
      • “Don’t Just Focus on what People are Interested IN, Become What People are Interested IN”
      • “अच्छे अच्छों की बीत जाती है उम्र, यूं ही नहीं मिल जाते हैं CUSTOMER”
  3. PAS Framework
    • Problem- Visual
    • Agitate- Salt on the Wound
    • Solution- Salve the wound
      • “People Don’t Buy Vitamin, They Buy Health”
      • IT is not What you do with the Product, It is what you do with the MIND
      • कबीरा खड़ा बाजार में यही बात बातये, जो CUSTOMER की NEED को समझे वो खूब सेल कर जाये
  4. I am on your SIDE
    • जो तुमको हो पसंद वही बात करेंगे, तुम दिन को खो रात तो हम रात कहेंगे
  5. Because Justification- क्योंकि Technique
    • Never Negotiate Out of Fear, But Never Fear to Negotiate
  6. BYAF Technique
    1. But You Are Free
      • People Hate being told what to do
      • Negotiation means getting the best of your opponenet Without Making him Realize
  7. Sales Closure
    1. Quality Close Approach (Artisan Approach)
    2. Ownership Close approach

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