5 Skills that Can Make You a Millionaire | How to be Rich & Successful?

Top 5 Skills to be a Millionaire: 

  1. Public Speaking 

  2. Online Marketing & Branding

  3. Investing

    • You can start with Monthly SIP but always choose regular SIP
    • Investing is a skill and it can be learned.
    • You can change Regular SIP or invest amount in direct SIP through https://www.indmoney.com/
  4. Sales

    • Companies सारे Employees को निकाल सकती हैं लेकिन Sales Employee को नहीं निकाल सकती
    • अगर पैसा कामना है तो Sales से आप नहीं भाग सकते
    • Focus on Incentives not on Salary
  5. Understanding Human Psychology

    • जीवन के लगभग हर पहलू में Human Psychology की जरूरत है

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