Download Notes: 5 Customer Secrets by Jeff Bezos | 100+ गुना कस्टमर कैसे पाएं | Ujjwal Patni | Strategies of Amazon


  1. Be strict about what customer don’t want

    1. Customer don’t want to delay
    2. Customers don’t want out of stock
    3. Customer don’t like slow speed
  2. The pricing should always be customer focussed

    1. Charge more only when your product is
      1. A monopoly product
      2. A non-competitive product
      3. A researched patented product
    2. Be Frugal:
      1. Less expense
      2. Less overhead
      3. Less sow-off
      4. Large scale dealings
      5. More volume
  1. Create customer dependency

    1. Customer psychology says that if the customer trusts you then they want to buy more from you
  2. Determine what your customer needs and work backward

    1. Customer advise and feedback
    2. Customer need
  3. Hire & develop ownership mentality staff to create the best customer service

    1. Such an employee mindset is an obstacle
      1. Not my Job
      2. Not my Department
      3. Not my job Description
      4. One who Blame Others
      5. The habit of Incomplete Work
      6. Not Sensitive about time
    2. High IQ
    3. High Accountability
  1. Focus on employees

      1. Who directly faces the customers?
      2. Who connects with the customers?
      3. Who is a touchpoint with customers?

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